How to Apply for UK visa in Nigeria (Easy and Simple Guide) |

Thursday, October 20, 2022

How to Apply for UK visa in Nigeria (Easy and Simple Guide)

How to Apply for UK visa in Nigeria

This post will give you a full guide on how to apply for a UK visa. I know that many Nigerians want to visit the UK, and that is why i decided to reveal and tell you how to apply for UK visa in Nigeria. The process is not so hard but you should do everything correctly. I urge you to carefully read this article to find out all the details you need to know about UK visa application

Many Nigerians consider UK as a second home because in London there are more than one million Nigerians. Nigerians for decades go to the UK to gain the education, find work, for shopping, or some medical reasons. This connection of the two countries started at the times of colonization. The connection is still strong even after Nigeria gained independence.  

Metropolitan Police of UK even announced that all the constables should be able to speak in the Yoruba language, this shows the big impact of Nigerian immigrants in the UK. 

How to apply for UK visa from Nigeria 

I have prepared for you, all the guidelines on how to apply for UK visa in Nigeria. The common requirements are simple if you act consistently. 

  1. To start your path to the UK visa, or any other visa you should receive an international passport 
  2. Make 45mm x 35mm photography which must not be older than 6 months 
  3. You should pay $141 -$150, this is a nonrefundable fee that can be paid online 
  4. Make a copy of the filled online form 
  5. If you are going on a holiday you should have a letter of invitation 
  6. If you plan to take children, it is necessary to have their birth certificates 
  7. Utility bills, such as PHCN bills is also advice-able to present so as to show/prove your residential address
  8. Documents that can confirm your hotel booking and flight tickets 
  9. Statement of accounts 
  10. Marriage certificate, if you are married. 

Let's consider some details in full. First, you should get an international passport in Nigerian immigration service. You can apply for UK visa in Nigeria online, just visit and create the account. 

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Remember that there are different kinds of visas, so read all the information and conditions at the website. Follow the online instruction and you will find out how to pay the fee for visa. The sum can be changed so confirm it on the website. 

After filling online form you will get GWF number and an email with all the information of the visa. Where to apply for UK visa in Nigeria? If you want to get a visa you should book an appointment in some visa application center. The centers are situated in Lagos (Victoria Island and Ikeja) and Abuja. It is necessary to visit visa application center for the interview with an official of the embassy. 

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You are expected to come with appointment confirmation proof and international passport, online application forms and proof of payment. Do not be late to your appointment, this is very important. Be ready that the officials will take your snapshots and fingerprints at the center. 

Some tips to apply for UK visa in Nigeria 

Visit and register at this is a new service that can help you to gain Long Term Visa in easiest way. As for official and diplomats visas, they are a lot easier to get but only if you are government official. 

It will be harder to receive a visa if you have been rejected earlier. Remember that it is important to have a genuine reason for visiting the UK, otherwise, you can be disqualified. 

It is very important not to lie during the process because the Embassy does everything to make the process as fair as possible. Now you know how to apply for UK visa in Nigeria, I hope this information becomes very useful to you? If you like the knowledge gained from the post please feel free to share the post using the social media share buttons below.

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